KAO!INC. is a Taiwanese hip-hop label based in Taipei, Taiwan founded in July, 2005 by Dela. Not like other labels, KAO!INC. uses an unique operation mode to popularize Mandarin hip-hop music scene in Asia. In 2014, the label starts their own coffee shop combining vinyl record shop called “BEANS & BEATS” in Taipei. In 2017, “KAO!INC. World Tour ALL STAR SHOW” began to tour from China to US to Japan and Taiwan.

Throughout the years, the label has housed several successful Taiwanese rappers and recruited them with professional music production teams to make music. Moreover, the label has put a lot of effort on seeking new talents in the hip-hop scene. It has cultivated many young artists with great potential. KAO!INC. has released more than 19 albums from past to now; there are currently five artists signed under the label, including Soft Lipa, GorDoN, Yinghung aka DJ Didilong, Yeemao and Leo Wang.